Marketing Essentials: Planning Toolkit

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 978 8 9758433 4 5 (pdf) $49.95

This book has been designed to meet the needs of a busy executive or an entrepreneur starting their own business. It includes access to a dedicated supporting website with resources including audio-visual chapter summaries; quizzes to check your understanding of concepts; links to resources to extend your knowledge and an opportunity to sumbit a marketing plan for individual feedback.
The book consists of 3 modules: The Marketplace, The Customer, and The Offer and includes templates and explanations of the tools marketers use to create successful marketing plans.


Customer Savvy

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 0 9758433 0 3 (pdf) $19.95
Today’s consumer is spoilt for choice. In many categories there are literally hundreds of products to choose from, which means you need to accept that the customer is now in control. In the past one person may have talked to five about their experience with your products – today one person can talk to 50 million via the internet! Which is great if they are saying good things but what happens if they are not?

Sales Fit

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 9780975843314 (pdf) $19.95
"If it's to be, it's up to me! That's what the sign said. It was pinned to the wall above Michael's desk. For Michael, his company's top salesperson, the sign was the reason for his success: "I've found that success is not about the clients themselves, or how good a prospect they are; it's all about me and my attitude. I alone have responsibility for my success."

Building an Entrepreneurial Skillset

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 9780975843321 (pdf) $19.95
Is there a particular “type” of person who makes the best entrepreneur? Is Richard Branson the same “type” of person as Bill Gates? Take any two entrepreneurs you know and line them up side by side and I’m sure you’ll come up with more differences than there are similarities. However there are a few obvious traits that they seem to share and arguably one (in my opinion) that is present in them all...

How to Win More Tenders

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 978-0-9758433-3-8 (pdf) $19.95
By participating in the tendering processyou not only have the chance to win new business, you also have the opportunity to build new relationships and establish your credibility in the marketplace. Many small companies have won large tenders by showing their competitiveness in price, credibility through the submission process and by the way in which they presented their submission. This has been achieved often without the need for expensive infrastructure such as sales and marketing personnel and resources. This book will guide you through the tendering process and show you the best ways to convince the sceptical evaluator.

Creative Leadership Techniques

Mulga Partners Pty Ltd Author: Philip Dennett ISBN: 9780975843352 (pdf) $19.95 This book describes the apparent disconnect between profit-seeking behavior in organisations and creativity by identifying the antecedents of creativity in an organizational context; exploring its incidence in a real-life setting and proposing a model, based on a Socratic Dialogue, for harnessing it in managerial practice.